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Below are the shows we are launching in the third quarter of 2019.  As you visit the links you will see each of these is set up to solve an existing problem. 

All Presidential Candidates 1:1 Debate Tourney - Debates are limited only to the candidates approved by those presently in control of the government and the media.  We are opening up One-to-One debates to all candidates along with more ways in relates shows, to get to know these individuals as people and examine the solutions to existing problems they propose. 

Surviving Climate Change – The Road Ahead - Candidates signed up by the start-date will debate the alternative approaches open to Earth’s people for reducing the deadly impact of climate change and adjusting to the new normal.  David Lincoln will act as Moderator and be available, with other experts, to supply an ongoing critique of the solutions offered by candidates.  As always will be the case, viewers/participants will ask questions and vote with tallies.  The audience can call for a tally by a vote.
Presidents of Mind - The back and forth involving Trump and multiple others deflect attention from the substantial problems and questions we face in America today.  Presidents of Mind posits an intervention coming from former presidents and other historical figures, now dead.  These incidents take place late at night when the presidential finger is poised to Twitter.  These encounters are based on events in America's past, which are documented through research from original documents.  These interactive segments can be proposed by viewers, who will be credited if the material is used.  If you would like to join the POM Team, sign up now.   

Freedom's Safe Place    - America has provided asylum to people escaping war, oppression, and starvation since before we were a nation. The refugees coming to our southern border have been abused, vilified, tortured by separation, children from parents and caretakers and parents and caretakers from children.  This must end.  Safe Place provides a solution to the list of problems that are being further magnified by the violation of human rights, now taking place.  Join us to bring these refugees to new homes while at the same time moving America to increased prosperity and a sustainable future. The Free Market is the solution to another problem long overlooked.  

Housing the American Dream - Housing First in Utah proved what is most needed by those who are homeless is - a home.  We plan to make starter homes available, financed by the new owner using %PAYE loans.  The structures planned will be built using geopolymer-type materials using 3DPrinting.  Once there is a place, then recovery begins.  Homed, the individual can be treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and take steps for a return to productivity.

Congressional Clearing House - Congresspersons no longer bother to answer their mail.  Email is also ignored.  Without the charge of listening to constituents, Congress has become a sinecure for legislators who do not read legislation but do see a lot of lobbyists.  It is a problem that needs solving and 2-Way Interactive Mass-Audience participation TV is an essential road back from serfdom. 

American Referendum -  The Question of the Week, beginning on September 11, 2019, ignores the Twitter-pated and pointless exclamations now commonly associated with 'news'.  Instead, people suggest issues in need of solutions and a week is spent proposing solutions to the problem which are judged by the following criteria.  It works, is not harmful to sensibilities or the environment, and will be paid for by those who need it.  Uploading of videos illustrating solutions is encouraged.  Crypto Coupons are awarded to the ten best solutions.  

Earth Path Defense -  The Earth is in danger from asteroids.  To protect our world we must track these bodies far enough out to deflect them from impacting Earth.  Our futures and the fate of all life on Earth may depend on our carrying out the mission.  

PsychoKin - Psychopathy as an explanation for behavior which defies all the assumptions we have about simple decency.  The solution is exposing and marking them for what they are.  Our show confronts the facts and ensures the safety of those who do not carry the DNA of these predators on those with an inherent conscience.

Places in Time -  Interactive 2-Way TV opens the potential for multiple ways to dramatize history without editing the facts.  For TV, we are providing stories from history, long and short, in multiple locations, to allow locations to use the structure of the stories for local reenactment for charity and profit.  The best of these will appear on our show to be critiqued by leading entertainment figures.  Actionaries from the audience are encouraged to do their own productions and share these as well.  There are roles for all and profits that instruct while extending our comprehension of history and an appreciation of dramatic form and history.  

NeoCons - NeoConservative is a constructed term. If you substitute 'Fascist' you have a far better understanding of what anyone who uses the term really means.  This is the story that explains why those who used the term until the term, Conservative was dead enough in our minds to confuse the difference.  The motives of those who cooperated with this manipulation of ideas were ugly.  But the story, which includes those who realized what was happening, and those who are still bewildered, has interesting dramatic form.  The Interactive TV Show, 2-Way with mass-audience participation, will flesh out the movie.  

More are now in preproduction - See Below 

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